Like a Sailing Ship

We change the Power of Nature to our Skill

We go forward in an adverse wind

We run faster before the tailwind

We have the righting moment


We TOMODA SELLING & SAILING CO., LTD. is located at the site of Miho Bay, having white sand, and pine trees, and surrounded by rich nature that provide blessing of abundant underground water from Mt. Daisen.

Sakaiminato is a natural good port. One of the biggest landing port of marine products in Japan, and located in the hub of western Japan. From Yonago Kitaro International Airport, many access to not only local cities but also overseas. We endeavor to produce and deliver delicious and safe food from this blessed nature.

代表取締役 友田 博



Company Name Tomoda Selling & Sailing Co., Ltd.
Board member ChairmanKazuyuki Moriwaki
PresidentHiroshi Tomoda
Senior Managing DirectorMasato Araki
Capital JPY 30,000,000-
Fiscal year end March 31
Employees 170
Our Business
  • Production and Sales of Crab products (King Crab, Snow Cab, Red Snow Crab, etc)
  • Production and Sales of Fish products (Processed Fish, Frozen Fish, Fresh Fish)
  • Sales of Processing Equipment (Patented Technology)
  • Online Sales (Electric Commerce)
  • Import & Export Sales
Our Location
Head Office, Head Factory
80, Takenochidanchi, Sakaiminato Shi, Tottori Ken, 684-0046, Japan
Tel. +81-859-47-2100
First Factory
13-26 Showa-machi, Sakaiminato city, Tottori, Japan
Tel. +81-859-42-6890
Second Factory
31-1 Showa-machi, Sakaiminato city, Tottori, Japan
Tel. +81-859-44-4556
Tokyo Office & Retail shop KANIMAI
5-14-14 Okusawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Tel. +81-3-6459-5742
Yokkaichi Office
8th Floor, Mind Bldg., 1-10-25 Nishiura, Yokkaichi city, Mie, Japan
Tel. +81-59-353-7688
Kansai Office
1-62-9, Kaisancho, Sakai Shi Sakai Ku, Osaka Fu, 590-0982, Japan
Tel. +81-6-6940-6551
Banks Tottori Bank, San-in Godo Bank, Mizuho Bank, Chugoku Bank
Customers Major Central Fish Market, Wholesaler, Retailer, Food service, Trading company
Subcontract factories
  • Korea
    Se Bum Foods Co., Ltd. (HACCP certified, patented steaming technology is installed)
    Sewoong Fisheries Co., Ltd. (HACCP certified)

  • China
    Yantai Longda Food stuffs Co., Ltd.(HACCP certified, EU approved, MSC)

  • Other countries
    Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam


Year Month Archive
1954 Hosho Fisheries Co., Ltd. is established.
(Set-net fisheries in Okinoshima Island)
1962 Jan. Tomoda Fisheries Co., Ltd. is established at Takamatsu-cho Sakaiminato.
(Producing Niboshi Boiled & Dried Sardine)
1978 Jan. Tomoda Fisheries Co., Ltd. is established.
1981 May Head office is moved to the Showa-machi processing zone in Sakaiminato.
1986 Jan. Processing and sales of Crab products are started.
  • Cold-Storage for 1,500mt is built (F-class)
1990 Oct. The second factory is built.
  • Cold-Storage for 5,500mt (F-class), Freezer for 50mt x 2
  • Selector factory
1996 May Head Office is moved to the Takenouchi processing zone.
  • Logistics center is built (cold storage for 3,500mt)
  • Head factory is built
1998 Sep. The company is split to establish Tomoda Selling & Sailing Co., Ltd.
2000 Sep. Crab processing factory (9,000㎡) is built with HACCP certification.
  • Batch type freezer for 50mt
  • Tunnel freezer x 1
  • Ice temperature cold storage x 3 (C-class)
  • Boiling Line x 1, Crab processing equipment x 1 set
2003 May HACCP certified for three crab products.
2004 Jan. Tokyo Branch is opened.
2006 Apr. Environment ISO 14001 is obtained.
2010 Aug. Head Factory is expanded.
  • Super high-pressure machine x 1, and Retort machine x 1
  • Patented steam heating technology processing line is expanded
2011 Jul. Additional fish processing line and fish chamber are installed.
2012 Nov. Kansai branch is opened.
2013 Jan. Tomoda Fisheries Co., Ltd. is merged with Tomoda Selling & Sailing Co., Ltd.
2014 Jul. Yokkaichi office is opened.
2018 Jul. HACCP certified for two products additionally.
2019 Aug. Frozen Processed Food production line is expanded
2021 Jun. Tokyo office is moved, and our retail shop “KANIMAI” is opened together in the same place.


80, Takenochidanchi, Sakaiminato Shi, Tottori Ken, 684-0046, Japan



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